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Out of Reach Blog Tour

Today we welcome the Out of Reach Blog tour to My Hidden Bookshelf!  In all the excitement and festivities of this marvelous read being released, we wanted to share some information about the series as well as allow you to join in all the merriment and enter a giveaway!!!!

Title: Out of Reach
Author: Jocelyn Stover
Release Date: December 2012

You can’t escape who you are, but no one ever stops to explain to you the cost of discovering such knowledge. By the time Gwen learns that her fiery red hair marks her as more than just a bad temper on two legs it’s too late to make a choice. Catapulted into a realm she doesn’t understand thanks to the actions of those around her, Gwen is forced to embrace an unknown legacy and rely on the word of an old friend who is more than he seems. Will the price of self-discovery prove too much for Gwen to bear? And how do you save the world when everything feels just out of reach

CURRENT RATING AVERAGES (AS OF 3/5/2013)  -  4.50 Stars  -  5.00 Stars  -  4.50 Stars

I'm a thoughtful, sarcastic, work-o-holic, mother of four. I must thrive on chaos because I've certainly built enough of it into my life already! I write during the stolen miniatures of the day when the children are in bed or at school. When I'm not writing you can find me up to no good with my kiddos, or outside soaking up the sunshine.


Out of Reach Blog Tour Schedule
April 7th - Turning Pages
April 9th - Book Broads & Pezz Rambles
April 10th - Almost Faemous
April 12th - Pure Textuality


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Blog Tour: Dark Return by Taryn Browning

Today we welcome the Dark Return Blog Tour to My Hidden Bookshelf.  In celebration of this incredible read being released we have some info on the second novel in the Seeker series as well as a giveaway to enter!  So please enjoy!

Title: Dark Return
Author: Taryn Browning
Release date: November, 2012

Book Blurb:
Janie Grey is dedicated to hunting the undead, an inherited duty passed down from her Cherokee ancestors and generations of powerful Seekers before her. Then, there's Kai. He's like no one she's ever met - cocky, fast, skillful, infuriating and gorgeous. Not only has he become a valuable asset in her fight against the growing population of the vampire/demon hybrid known as Daychildren...

She's unwittingly fallen for him.

Just when Janie thinks she's learned everything there is to know about Kai's mysterious past, there's a newcomer to Baltimore. Someone who will do anything to make sure Janie loses Kai forever.

Darkness returns in Nov, 2012...

Character Bio’s:

Janie Grey
Experienced Seeker in Baltimore, who quickly learns that the training lessons she’s always followed don’t always apply. Especially when she meets Kai.
Kai Sterdam
“Daychild” or not! (I don’t want to spoil the story by revealing too much). Kai is an experienced fighter who has golden-blonde hair with white highlights, bright green eyes, and scars on his forearms and chest - all markings from his tortured past. Kai is sarcastic and cocky, but loyal to those he cares for.
Matt Baker
Star high school wrestler who inadvertently finds himself caught in the middle of a war between the undead.
A newcomer, and dark presence from Kai's past. One of the first Daychildren created by the vampire king.

Abram Mitchell
Abram is a former Seeker and Janie’s mentor. Read about Abram’s life as a Seeker in the prequel short story, Dark Beauty.

Isabelle Grey
Former Seeker and Janie’s mom. Read about Isabelle’s time as a Seeker in the prequel short story, Dark Beauty.

Vampire leader who becomes an asset in Janie's fight against Daychildren.

Witch and friend of Kai’s. She is also instrumental in the fight against Daychildren.

Janie’s best friend and one of the only people who know she’s a Seeker.

Author Bio:
Taryn Browning writes novels for young adults. She's also an avid reader and dreamer with a crazy imagination. Her debut urban fantasy is Dark Seeker. The sequel, Dark Return, will be available Nov, 2012. You can also check out the prequel novella, Dark Beauty. Her newest paranormal romance, Whispering Hills, and urban fantasy, Emanare, were also released this year.

Taryn graduated with a BS in Education from Towson University and went on to earn a MS in Reading from Hood College. When she's not writing, she enjoys reading, spending time with friends and family, music, movies, and the beach. Some of her favorite TV shows growing up included Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed and Angel. For as long as she can remember she's loved all things fantastical, paranormal and magical.

Visit her at Follow her on her blog, on twitter (@TarynBrowning), and facebook (Dark Seeker & Taryn Browning).

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