Review Policy

Review Policy
     If you wanted me to review your book I would happily accept it.  I would also readily accept any contests, giveaways, author interviews, or guest blogs.  If you wanted to contact me regarding any of these tasks then please email me at the following address:
     If I do receive a book from you then I automatically assume that you have read and accept my review policy.  I also expect that you know and understand that it doesn't guarantee you a positive or negative review.  I also do not use any e-reader device so if you were to send me anything it would have to be a printed copy.

     My preferences are as follows:  Young Adult- Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Mysteries, & Paranormal. If it is outside of my preferences then I cannot guarantee that I will accept it but sometimes I do like to branch out and try something different.  

     My goal is to review every book I read on this site.  If for some reason I cannot finish a book then I would not give it a review because it is not fair to review a book that I did not finish.  My reviews have complete honesty and no hidden agendas.  I will always strive to uphold my sincere opinion, along with my unpretentious ideals.  As a reminder, all reviews are written from the readers view points so they are not always positive, but I feel mine are fair to the novel.  I  do try to enclose both the pros and cons of each review  I write. 

     My reviews include: cover art, title, author, publisher, publication date, genres, themes of the plot, pages, and a description.  The descriptions I do not write, majority of descriptions do come off the back of the book or the dust jacket.  The reason being is that way I can not put my opinion in to the plot line.  I would rather leave that up to the new readers to decide for themselves.  The remainder of the review is strictly my view points of the novel.  This is really the largest portion of the review and I do try to not make it too lengthy.  I include some of my favorite key points and describe it vaguely as I don't want to go into too much detail and spoil anything for new readers.  Lastly, I rate it.  My rating system is out of 20 pts. with 5 pts each  on originality, characters, plot, and writing style.