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Grit City Issue #1 Review

Title: Grit City, Issue #1
Author: Ron Gavalik
Illustrator: Leah Keilman
Publisher: Grit City Publications at Smash words
Publication Date: June 2011
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Main Themes: Journalism, Murder,Death, Gun for Hire, & Blood
Pages: 24
Plot: (from

     "Grit City is a series of short continuing emotobooks about a dark and calamitous world, where the nefarious rule. Dillon Galway is an idealistic freelance journalist in his mid-twenties, who barely scrapes out a living reporting on corruption for the Grit City Times and his own blog.
     Dillon remembers the city as an ideal place to live, before the murder of his Father and the rise of the Lebedev Syndicate. All meaningful power in business, politics and law enforcement are now funneled into the hands of this wealthy organization.
     He works tirelessly to reestablish opportunity and peace, and relies on Alyssa Stephano (gun for hire) to help when tense situations require her nickel plated Colt 45 revolvers.
     But in the shadows of the back alleys, whispers stir in the underground of an unnamed force. Something or someone that’s determined to upset the status quo. When Dillon is tipped about horrifying activities he’s propelled into a perilous investigation that may lead to dire consequences.
     As the series progresses Dillon will face unfathomed challenges, but also gain abilities most consider impossible."

     I absolutely loved this new way of reading!  Grit City is really dark and morbid but deliciously riveting.  As it is a short read I found it was really fast paced, it gave you a feel for the Dillon then jumped into a dangerously fascinating story.  The art work added insight to the characters and really allowed you to connect on a personal level.  I found the illustrations to be just as descriptive and mesmerizing as they were sinister and ominous, but done in a way that the images seemed crucial to the story.
     In a city taken over by violent hoodlums you are drawn to Dillon, an independent journalist that is more reminiscent of a detective, who strives to expose the corruption through his writing skills.  When looking for a good story that will help pay his rent Dillon's righteous behaviors get him in a hazardous situation.  That's when Alyssa explodes into the story and bails him out.  The gun for hire is a strong woman who is intriguing and mysterious. 

     As a gruesome and frightening mystery I gave this issue an A+.  I really enjoyed reading about Dillon, the valiant journalist who is trying to right the wrong, and the enigmatic Alyssa that I really can't wait to read more about.  Being that this was the first issue and each month holds a new installment I really can't wait to read the next one!

My Rating: 20/20
Originality: 5
Plot: 5
Characters: 5
Writing Style: 5


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