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Witches Review

Title: Witches
Author: Phil Stern
Publisher: Phil Stern
Publication Date: August 2011
Genre: Fantasy
Main Themes: Magic, Witches, Family Issues, & Alternate Worlds
Plot: (From Goodreads)

"They've lived among us for centuries, protecting those in need. But now a powerful wizard has appeared, attacking empowered women across multiple worlds.

A young Terran-based sorceress, the strongest of her generation, must find and stop the magical madman before he can bend the Coven to his depraved will. Along the way, however, she must also confront doubts about the role her fellow witches may have played in her own family's demise."

Phil Stern created a magically horrific story that I found truly intriguing, imaginative, and grisly.  Seeing that it was a short read it didn’t take long to blow through.  It was very fast paced, even though the first half of the book was building up the storyline it lead into some great action scenes. 

Witches held captivating characters that added so much to the story.  My personal favorite was Tiffany, she was unrelenting and adamant as she pushed forward to hunt down the warlock that was pursuing her sisters and holding them captive.  I did love that there were two perspectives, besides Tiffany there was the warlock, Evan Gensrow.  As an evil kid the witches punished Evan and as result he ended up a tortured soul who was obsessed with revenge.

There were a few things about this story that I wasn’t fond of but overall it was a good read.  The first thing was I found the story too short for the information it held.  I really think Phil Stern had a great idea for a story and I wanted it to be longer and more in depth.  The second thing that I didn’t like was the witches in the coven were very pompous, domineering, and came across as man haters.  I felt they needed a little more development to show that might not have been the case.   

Overall gave this book a B, as it was an appealing and vigorous read.  Although I would not recommend this one to early teens as there are some graphic scenes that aren’t quite appropriate for them.   

My Rating: 17/20
Originality: 5
Plot: 4
Characters: 4
Writing Style: 4


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